Space Clearing

Space clearing is a process that facilitates transmutation and transformation of energies in a space to come into balance.

In Nature this occurs seamlessly and is part of Nature. Imagine your home, office and any space you live or work washed by rain to remove debris and ionize the environment. Lightning and thunder are transmutation of yin to yang energies, bringing in rain to manifest growth of new lives. The element of Fire as a energy purifier, consuming debris to fuel abundance.


Bringing these concepts into our space clearing protocols, you can experience a balanced space that brings good health, nourishing and loving relationships, successful careers, attract wealth and creativity.

I am honored to bring forward space clearing process that employ five elements – Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Ether, together with:

  • power of intentions
  • energetic commands
  • protection grid from angels and the Divine Sun


When should you do space clearing?

  • Before moving into a new home
  • Changing job
  • Before a wedding
  • After a death in the family
  • After an illness
  • Before selling a house
  • Divorce or relationship breakup
  • After an accident
  • For fertility or bringing a newborn home
  • Anxiety, depression or sadness
  • If family members keep falling unwell
  • Crime

    If you would like to have a space clearing, please send me an email for a consult.