Stepping Into Your Confident Self


4 x 60 min sessions conducted in your Akashic Records, held online via Zoom.

Recordings of the healing session will be made available to you after each session is complete.

We will be in touch with you via email to schedule your appointment, within 2 working days of payment.

Stepping into Your Confident Self Sessions are conducted in your Akashic Records, allowing you to sit in your own Akasha for the duration of the session, which is very healing for you.

The Akashic Records is a library that contains sacred scripts written about every lifetime that your soul has journeyed. The Akashic scribes all your experiences across various lifetimes. These experiences may have opened or closed your heart, expanded or contracted your consciousness; or left you completely neutral.

The Akashic library holds records of contracts, vows and promises that you have made to yourself and others. It holds the answers to the mysteries of the universe, information pertaining to our past lives, personal existence and our spiritual evolution. As a light being, you and I can tap into a reservoir of wisdom and unconditional love to draw upon this Light of your highest soul essence and highest soul purpose, to experience healing and personal mastery in this lifetime.

Stepping Into Your Confident Self sessions can assist you with the following:

  • Allows you to raise the vibration within and around you so that you attract positivity
  • Draw clarity around triggers that stop you from believing in yourself
  • Deepen knowledge of yourself so that you trust that you are whole and complete
  • Receive powerful energy clearings & activations that:
  • Accelerates personal growth
  • Activate your divine gifts to reality
  • Clears blocks and fears
  • Increases self-confidence and focus
  • Removes doubts and confusion
  • Removes any experience/feeling of being stuck or stagnant energies