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Session FAQ

A: Through retrieving sacred information about ourselves, we are able to make sense of situations in our life, find purpose and evolve on all levels. It has helped many with vicious cycles, addictions, relationship issues, old and false beliefs, health issues and more.

The Akashic Records is a Light realm that exists all around, unseen by the naked eye, but with our spiritual eyes, divine senses and an open heart. Here, our personal records of all our past lives, thoughts, feelings, actions, relationships, vows and contracts that we have had/made are stored.

A: All private sessions and courses are held online only, over Zoom. Recordings come with each session.

No, it is not religious, it is spiritual.

A: Wendy is not available for consultations, nor will she advise anyone that they need a session. In this time of empowerment, you are responsible for following your own intuition as to whether this session feels right for you.

Wendy’s work focuses on empowerment, Wendy does not provide psychic readings, future predictions or guarantees of an outcome. She will not “read” other people for you. She allows any intuitive information to flow that is appropriate for your empowerment only.