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Wendy Lim

Hello, I am Wendy Lim. Welcome to my new website, a space to find your personal freedom and pathway to self-mastery. Afterall, you will everything within you to step into the fullest potential of what you can be, today, if you choose this.

I’ve been a passionate explorer of light consciousness for healing, transformation, and ascension for as long as I can remember. Witnessing healing powers from my grandparents’ depth of unconditional love that knew no boundaries, I saw them transform themselves to support their community recover from unexplained medical and emotional challenges. Especially their loved ones.


My grandparents harnessed my curiosity and opened my eyes to work with divine masters and Archangels. Now, my focus is channeling my grandparents’ love, and esoteric teachings that I have been bequeathed by my teacher Tarra Tae (The Akashic Light Academy) to help those who are ready to heal on all levels of their beings to transform, gain freedom and step into their fullest potential and onwards to personal mastery.


Humanity is in the midst of accelerated re-awakening and rebirth. Increasing light frequency infusion will elevate humanity vibrations to access their divine consciousness. During this time of rapid changes, and sometimes chaos, the only point of stability is within you and your connection to Source Light.


Holding a safe space for my clients to heal, learn and transform into their highest potential; to trust the awakened heart to guide us in accessing higher possibilities as our divine blueprints call forth.


Personal alchemy occurs when we meet the Source Light in our heart, focussed on compassion, trust and innocent openness to new possibilities as we access our Akasha and seed higher healing energies into Mother Earth.


I created this website following inner guidance to create a space to connect people to their divine consciousness and experience alchemical transformation, divine freedom and ascension.


Blessings to the Divine Love and Light that you are,